Class of 2012 (Sophomores)

  • President: Victoria Chow
  • Vice-President: Dylan Chow
  • Secretary: Jackie Huang
  • Treasurer: Melody Mui
  • General Managers: Amanda Dao, Bing Lei, Izzy Seiden, Jose Arebalo
  • Class Sponsors: Ms. Morris
  • Class Email:
  • -We meet every Wednesday, lunch @ Ms. Morris's room 21A . (Sophomore Club) I hope to see all you guys there !
  • -Need people to help create a class cheer.
  • -To paint the class name poster for the Bell Game Rally.(meeting afterschool in auditorium lobby)
  • -Our upcoming fundrasier is the Nike Women's Marathon, Sunday October 18, 2009. 6 A.M. thru 12 P.M. If you are interested contact any of the officers or even Ms. Morris to sign up or for more info.
  • -If interested you must get a volunteer release form from either one of the officers or Ms. Morris and get it signed and returned ASAP !
  • -We are still selling Lincoln BPA free water bottles. See Ms. Morris if you are looking to buy one .
  • Fundraising Ideas

    Anyone who has any ideas for a Fundraiser please email your idea to our class email above.

    -Your Officers :)