As you can see, there are is a lot going on every day at Lincoln after school. The after school program is funded through ExCEL and the Stonestown YMCA, so it's free to all Lincoln students, and is drop in: look thorugh the menu below, see if there is anything you'd like to join, and show up! For more information see Claire in room 123C.

To join our mailing list and recieve updates on the after school program calander and events, please send your name and email address to

Academic Support

· Drop-in Tutoring ALL subjects! We will also hold SAT Prep in the tutoring center when announced. Library, M-Tu, 2:30- 4:30, Wed, 1:30-3:30, and Thu. In the Cafeteria 1:30-3:30.

· Athletic Study Hall If you practice any sport after school and would like time to do your homework before/after practice, see Coach Ferrigno! JROTC Room, M-Tu, 2:30-3:30

· Reading Rebels Club An opportunity for students to have a place to read and/or discuss their books! Through the semester, we will have author visits and books suggestions! Any day after school in the Library, come see Ms. Gallardo for more reading opportunities and information! Teachers Lunch Room off the cafeteria, Thu, 1:30-3

· Biology and Chemistry Center Ms. Knecht will hold tutoring and homework support. Drop by to get help with the tough questions! Room 308, M-Tu, 2:30-4

· Pre-Calculus Center Come see Ms. Manuel for help in Pre-calculus! Room 307, Wed 3-4

· Physics and Chemistry Center Mr. Frank will provide extra help with homework and tutoring to students after school! Room 306, M-Tu, 3:30-4, Wed 3-4

· Writing Center Need help in writing? Want someone to edit your essay? Come to TB-14 or TB-15 M-Tu 3:30-4:30 Will begin on October 4th!

· Geometry Center Need ELL help with Geometry or Algebra? See Mr. Chu in Room 303, Tu 3-4

· Advanced Algebra Center Get tutoring and homework help from Ms. Engle in Room 305, Wed. 1:30-3:30

· Social Studies Help- get help in Drafting and Social Studies! Ms. Melander is in room 24 from 3:30-4:45 on Mondays!

Enrichment Activities

· Video Game Creation/Computer Art * for Computer Art credit. Explore computer art using various software and online tools, and make basic flash video games! Students must sign up with Mr. Goncalves. Room 239, M-Tu, 3:45-5:45

· Art Portfolio Development For Art elective credit. Are you interested in improving your art skills? Come by and work on your portfolio to apply for art school! See Ms. Copland in Room 139, Wed. 3-4

· Cooking Around the Globe For elective credit. Students will learn basic cooking skills while sampling recipes from different countries using spices and techniques common to those countries. You will make dishes and then eat them together! Think cooking 101! Join Ms. Allen in 126A on Wed, 3-5.

· Ceramics For elective credit. Learn how to work with clay for the first time, or use the ceramics lab to work on/finish projects you’ve started during the day! Using hand building and wheel throwing techniques. Never worked with clay before? It’s fun and a perfect opportunity to try it! Mr. Miranda is in Room 106, M,Tu. 3:30-4:30

· Break Dancing- Tuesdays at with Krik-It! Learn the skills to break! Tuesday 3:30-4:40 in the Cafeteria

· Weightlifting Work out after school! S. Gym Weight room, M, Tu, F 2:30-4:30, W, Th 1:30- 4:30

· Kung Fu U.S. Wing Chun Academy offers classes here 3 times a week. See Shannon in the Cafeteria, Mon, Wed, Friday 3:45-5:45

· Belly Dancing Learn the basics of this ancient dance form. Enjoy making new friends and listening to great music from around the world while exercising. Try something new! See Ms. Zales in NG-1 Thu. 1:45-3:30

· TIES- for elective credit. Volunteer at Robert Lewis Stevenson Elementary after school to earn elective credit or volunteer hours! See Ms. Morris for more information in room 21A.

· Show Choir* For credit. Offered during 7th period, students must sign up with their counselor. Join in and improve your singing skills! Room 171, M-F 7thperiod

· Ceramics* For credit. Offered during 7th period, students must sign up with their counselor. Join in and learn to work with Clay! Room 139, M-F 7th period

· Drama* Like to perform? See Ms. Walenta for Drama try outs and play schedules!M-F Afterschool, Little Theatre or Auditorium

· Leadership/ASB* Want to become more involved at ALHS? Run for a class officer position! See Ms. Kamkar M-F afterschool!

· JROTC/Drill Team* Join the exhibition flag and drill teams learn essential skills while showing Mustang pride! See Colonel Powell in the JROTC Rm. M-F afterschool.

Academic Enrichments for Credit

· Cyber High - For credit. Credit recovery class for students who wish to make up a D or an F in Math, English, or Social Studies, to meet graduation or college requirements. Drop in to room 237 or see your Counselor to join! Room 237, M-F after 6th period excluding Thursdays

· English Night School- For English credit. For Seniors Only. Need to make up a grade in night School? Why not stay on the Lincoln campus to do it! To sign up, see Mr. Van- Engers. Room TB-21, Wed, Thu 3:30-5:30

· Social Studies Night School- For Social Studies credit. For Seniors Only. Need to make up a grade in night School? Why not stay on the Lincoln campus to do it! To sign up, see Ms. Wright. Room 21A, M, 3:30-5:15, Tue, 3:30-5:15

· Academy Cyber High- For credit. Credit recovery for students involved in Lincoln Academies. Come see Ms. Wright for more information. Room 21A, Thu, F 2:30-4

· ELL Readers Theatre- For ELL Lab credit. Read and act out plays while increasing your reading and writing skill in English! Come see Mr. Irving inRoom 203, M, 2:30-3:30

· Foreign Film Class For English Lab Credit- An ethological journalism approach to Foreign Films! Come watch films and then participate in discussions which focus on the political and historical context! It’s a chance to see new things and talk about them! Room 103 Tu, 3:30-6