Spotlight Videos

Added 7:14PM 11/6/2009
Filmed by: ABC7 San Francisco

CA Teacher of the Year-Ms. Ziegler

Ms. Valerie Ziegler is one of the five California teachers who received the Teacher of the Year award.

Added 9:21PM 10/2/2009
Filmed by: ABC7 San Francisco

Biotech iGem Team on ABC7

The ALHS Biotech iGem Team was on ABC 7 news on Thursday, July 9, 2009. The story focused on what is behind the iGem team and what is upcoming.

Added 3:16AM 9/17/2009
Filmed by: ABC7 San Francisco

Green Academy on ABC7

The ALHS Green Academy was featured on ABC 7 news on Tuesday, September 15th at 6pm. The story focused on the efforts to fundraise for digital cameras for the students to use.

Added 2:55AM 6/6/2009
Filmed by: Alvin Sng & Hansen Yu

Class of 2009 Video (High Definition)

The graduating class of 2009 senior video, created by Alvin Sng and Hansen Yu was shown during the senior breakfast on Thursday June 4, 2009. This video includes photos submitted by seniors throughout the year. Goodbye Class of 2009. Download the video here.

Added 4:41AM 5/27/2009
Filmed by: Academy of Information Technol

AOIT - Social Enterprise for Learning

This video was made by the senior Academy of Information Technology class and was presented for the Social Enterprise for Learning Project in City Hall on Thursday May 21st. The goal of the project was to improve relations between the school and community while also learning from the work the students complete. The presentation was made for the community as well as officials of SFUSD, Pearson, SFGov, UC Berkeley and more. For more information about the SEFL Project made by Lincoln go to the Academies website.

Added 6:16AM 4/24/2009
Filmed by: Alvin Sng

Behind Webteam is developed and maintained by web team. A small group of students with diverse expertise in web development, members of the team collaborate on the website. Led by Alvin Sng and sponsored by Ms. Ziegler, the team meets on a regular basis to discuss and work on new projects. For more information about the webteam visit the about page.

Added 8:52AM 4/8/2009
Filmed by: MustangTV

2009 BSA DVD Trailer (High Definition)

The 17th Annual Brotherhood/Sisterhood Assembly held on Thursday March 26, 2009. The School-Wide Assembly was performed by over 300 students from different ethic groups and clubs uniting as one. This year's theme was "Change begins with us". On sale now from ASB, email for orders or details. $10 per copy. Limited copies available.

Added 5:56AM 3/8/2009
Filmed by: Alvin Sng

What is BSA? (High Definition)

BSA, or Brotherhood/Sisterhood Assembly isn't just a performance but a movement started by students 17 years ago in 1992 when a violent accident occurred on campus due to Racial conflicts. This video will give some background information and also give you a little bit about what is happening this year. Narrated by Kim Schagane.

Added 3:44AM 2/14/2009
Filmed by: Mustang TV

Talent Show (High Definition)

The Annual Talent show sponsored by the Drama Department was on February 6, 2008. The show featured many talented studentsí performances from singing to dancing. The event was filmed by Mustang TV and is coming to DVD soon. If you would like to reserve a copy please contact Ms. Walenta in room 155.

Added 7:19PM 2/8/2009
Filmed by:

Turkey Game

The Varsity Football Championship Game on Thanksgiving Day

Added 2:05AM 1/29/2009
Filmed by: Alvin Sng

Behind Yearbook (High Definition)

Yearbook is one of the many extra curricular courses offered at Lincoln. The Students in yearbook work yearlong to create a book to last a lifetime. The class is lead by Yearbook Editors and advised by Mr. Sylvester.

Added 3:24AM 12/20/2008
Filmed by: Alvin Sng & Tiffany Kan

Holiday Show (High Definition)

The Annual Holiday Show sponsored by ASB. The show was held at Lincoln High Schoolís Auditorium on December 17, 2008. It was a night of music and dance with performance from Show Choir, Orchestra, Hip Hop, Break Dancers and Polynesian Club. The show was made to raise toy and money donations for the San Francisco Fire Departmentís Annual toy drive.

Added 3:10AM 11/29/2008
Filmed by:

Bell Game

The Annual Bell Game of Lincoln Mustangs vs. Wasghington Eagles.

Added 8:56PM 11/27/2008
Filmed by: Alvin Sng

Behind Drama (High Definition)

This is a behind the scenes of the making of a Drama play. The upcoming performance of Richard III involves the work of not only the stage performers but also Theater Tech, Film Producers, set designers, and costume managers. The Students in Drama study important aspects of theater as well as focusing on the production and performance element of drama. The program is run the Drama director Ms. Elaine Walenta.

Added 7:25AM 11/15/2008
Filmed by: Amanda Lim & Joy San


Homecoming Dance at the Pomeroy Center on Friday, October 10th.

Added 5:23AM 11/15/2008
Filmed by: Alvin Sng

Powerpuff Football (High Definition)

A football game in which the senior girls are playing against the junior girls. The power puff cheerleaders consists of senior and junior boys. This event was held in Lincoln's football field on Octoberfest.

Added 5:15AM 11/15/2008
Filmed by:

Spiritweek - Jungle Day

The lunchtime games sponsored by ASB on Jungle Day

Added 3:11PM 11/13/2008
Filmed by:

Spiritweek- Superhero Day

The lunchtime games sponsored by ASB on Superhero Day

Added 3:06PM 11/13/2008
Filmed by:

Spiritweek - Holiday

The lunchtime games sponsored by ASB on Holiday Day

Added 2:50PM 11/13/2008
Filmed by:

Spiritweek - PJ Day

The lunchtime games sponsored by ASB on PJ Day

Added 12:20AM 11/3/2008
Filmed by: Alvin Sng

16th Annual BSA Video

The Brotherhood/Sisterhood Assembly is a concerted effort by Lincoln students to share something about their culture to their peers and community members through traditional dances, songs skits, and video presentations. This assembly not only showcases the student-life at Lincoln, but also provides and opportunity for the entire school community to celebrate diversity. This video is last yearís DVD trailer. To purchase a copy of the DVD email

Added 1:23PM 10/20/2008
Filmed by: Alvin Sng

Bell Rally (High Definition)

The annual school wide Bell Rally was held at Lincoln High School on October 17, 2008 in the South Gym. The Bell was made as an arbitrary prize for the football game between Lincoln and Washington. The winner of the football game would keep that Bell for another year. Lincoln has now kept the bell for 4 years in a row. The Rally also held the Class Cheer for different classes to show their school spirit.

Added 3:11AM 10/2/2008
Filmed by: Alvin Sng

Behind Mustangtv (High Definition)

Mustang TV is run by the Senior Academy of Information Technology (AOIT) Class. During homeroom a group of students in the program broadcast live news over the air via the school's television network. The program has been part of Lincoln for several years and has also been responsible for filming school events, athletic competitions, drama/musical performances and the annual Brotherhood/Sisterhood Assembly. The program is coordinated by Ms. Walenta.

Added 12:33AM 9/18/2008
Filmed by: Robert Li

Jumpstart Freshmen Orientation

Jumpstart Freshmen Orientation was held in Lincoln High School on Thursday August 21 2008. The event was coordinated by Ms. Martinezmoles to give the incoming freshmen class a introduction about high school, a tour of the campus and a chance to make new friends! Jumpstart is a program done every year with the help of Junior and Senior student volunteers to lead the new students around. On the first day of school, all the Jumpstart volunteers wore their T-Shirt to give help to the new students.

Added 12:33AM 9/18/2008
Filmed by: Alvin Sng

Lincoln High School's Enrollment Video

Lincoln's strong co-curricular program meets a wide range of student interests. We have over 60 clubs as well as a broad interscholastic sports program of 28 teams. the schoolís JRTOC Program, band, choir, drama, student publications, Lincs Service Society, Interact Service Club, Mustang TV, and Peer Resource Program continue to bring glory to the school.