Volunteer Opportunities

Job Faire
When / Frequency

Annually - Spring semester


The Job Faire is coordinated by the PTSA for the benefit of Lincoln High School students to explore summer opportunities in paid positions internships, and volunteer positions. Students participating in the Job Faire meet in the School Library for introduction. Presentations are given in various classrooms during the evening of this event. We also collaborate with the Lincoln College Career Center and Wellness Center Departments.

Who we need

* Several coordinators to contact previous merchants, youth organizations, etc. who have attended in the past (information is available from previous Job Faire events).

* Parents who have contacts with organizations who offer summer jobs to contact Job Faire coordinator.

* Parents to help coordinate activities at various rooms, dinners for guests, and work with other volunteers during the evening of the Job Faire event.

* Co-chairs


Yolanda Newman. Email: Lincolnptsapres@sbcglobal.net

STAR breakfast
When / Frequency

Annually - Spring semester


PTSA provides a healthy snack and beverage to all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who sit for the STAR testing for all 4 days of testing. This successful program has been expanded to encompass the AP exam takers as well. Order and purchase snacks from Costco and request delivery to school. Some food items are not delivered, need to be pick up at Costco. (If you have a Minivan or Truck this is very helpful.) Order supplies needed for STAR breakfast. (Bags, napkins etc.) Make labels for 65 homerooms for snacks and beverages for 4 days of testing including labels for the AP test rooms. The PTSA funds all snacks, beverages, and supplies. (We recycle the emergency supply of bottled water and granola bars, use these items first)

Who we need

Co-chairs to coordinate this annual event.


Leslie Chan: Co-chair. Email: lyc1955@sbcglobal.net


When / Frequency



Coordinate the following events as they pertain through the school year:

* Set-Up tables, help serve and clean up.

* Order food from various restaurants as specified on each event. (All receipts are to be saved for reimbursement by Treasurer, motion must be passed by General members prior to purchasing of all items.)

* Supply coffee, water, and various refreshments as needed per event specified.

List of Events:

* September: Back-to-School Night Dinner Order meals, water, and desert for teachers and staff (150 approx) on the evening of Back-to-school night, to be delivered and ready to serve between 4:00 to 6:00 pm.

* March/April: Brotherhood/Sisterhood dinner PTSA has provided a portion of the dinner before the evening performance for the students who are participating in the event. Order food and water for this event.

* Nov/Dec.: Financial Aid Workshops/ College Night Workshops Supply cookies, snacks and/or fruit, coffee, water for these nights.

**NEW** February: Principal's G.P.A./Perfect Attendance Award Supply snacks, refreshments, fruit, coffee etc.

* April: 8th Grade Orientation Supply refreshments, snacks, cookies, coffee etc.

* May: 9th Grade testing and orientation Supply refreshments, snacks, cookies, coffee, etc. May: Senior Awards Breakfast: Supply breakfast items for awards recipients and their families. Coordinate set-up with counseling office

Who we need

Needs Co-Chairs and volunteers


Yolanda Newman. Email: Lincolnptsapres@sbcglobal.net

Newsletter production / Editor When / Frequency

Monthly, Throughout the school year


The production of the PTSA newsletter has two distinct phases: information gathering and actual production/layout of the newsletter. The overall process and specific tasks within each phase are briefly described.

* Front-end: Information gathering and coordination with administrators, teachers, and students to gather news items. Must be the primary contact for newsletter inquires.

* Screen and contact appropriate school personnel to verify information, as needed.

* Organize and format news worthy information and prepare initial draft.

* Back-end: Production and distribution: Edit and finalize format and layout

* Coordinate reviews with team, Principal, PTSA President

* Final copy to school for coping, and distributing to each homeroom

* Final copy to webmaster

Who we need



Tina Shih, Co-Chairs. Email: etshih@comcast.net

Membership team
When / Frequency

Throughout the school year


To help promote PTSA membership and outreach to parents, teachers, students and surrounding community.

* Keep track of membership dues, memberships using various spreadsheets.

* Report membership drive to 2nd District PTSA Member Chair.

* Prepare Membership Application forms and distribute to General PTSA Monthly meetings.

* Attend various Executive Board meetings

Who we need

Chairperson: Tina Shih

Needs Co-Chairpersons: Immediate Opening


Yolanda Newman. Email: lincolnptsapres@sbcglobal.net

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