Library Hours

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: 7:30 A.M - 11:30 A.M and 11:55 P.M - 4:15P.M
  • Thursdays: 7:35 A.M - 1:25 P.M
*Speak with the librarian if you have time needs beyond our schedule. Occasionally we are closed for special group meetings during the lunch period.

Checkout Policies

  • Student must have school ID or Locator card to checkout ALL materials, including computers
  • Maximum of 4 books checked out at a time
  • Books are checked out for 3 weeks and may be renewed
  • Magazines may be checked out for 1 week
  • Students are not charged overdue fines, but students with overdue materials will lose CHECKOUT privileges, including computer checkout
  • Students will be charged for lost or damaged materials

Computer Policies

  • ALL computers must be CHECKED OUT using a student ID or locator card
  • Computers are reserved for school work; games and IM are not allowed
  • Students are expected to work individually
  • Student must have personal username and password, available from the librarians (binders in the library). Students must keep their information secure.

Library Rules

  • Soft voices only
  • Library is intended for quiet reading and study
  • Must sign-in at door during regular class periods
  • All materials must be checked out to take them out of the library