Databases and Reference

While searching for resources on the Internet can be helpful, large centralized resources such as databases and reference collections are often much more reliable and much better starting points for research.

The following list includes databases the Library subscribes to, Internet resources, and more.

Global Issues


World Book Online

World Book Online (username=alincolnhs/password=mustangs)


NewsBank is a great source for magazine and newspaper articles, as well as maps. Newsbank is accessible from home, but you must enter ra-sfusd as your username and password.

Facts on File

Facts on File includes information from seven reference databases for questions about events, issues, statistics and people of the last fifty years including Today’s Science and Issues and Controversies.


InfoTrac provides the Student Resource Center Junior, which provides resources for history, literature, science, arts, and biographies. There is access to a wide variety of specialized encyclopedias, which makes this an excellent starting database for any research report. The password is mustangs (be sure to use lower case letters). (Logging in from school) (Logging in from home)


NetTrekker is an excellent resource and search engine for schools that provides links to evaluated websites and content.

San Francisco Public Library

The San Francisco Public Library offers access to online databases for research in all subjects, and access to the library’s catalog.

U.C. Berkeley Library

The U.C. Berkeley Library offers tips on searching and links to major search engines and directories on the Internet.

Librarians’ Index to the Internet

The Librarians’ Index to the Internet offers subject searches and directory services.

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