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My Courses

  • AP U.S.Politics
  • Economics
  • U.S. History

Ms. Valerie Ziegler

I was born in Jacksonville, FL on a naval air station and from there I have moved several times throughout my life.  I have 2 sisters; both are younger than me.  My parents live in Kentucky, no they don’t ride horses to work.  I love to watch movies! If I can get away on the weekend I love going for a hike or doing something outside. 

Most of all, I love to travel.  The past few years I have been to Scotland, England, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Peru and Greece.  This summer, I traveled through Agrentina enjoying the culture and landscapes.

This will be my six year of teaching; all at Lincoln.  Every morning, I wake up excited to work with my wonderful students and hopefully inspire a few of them.    I love the programs at Lincoln and I am proud to be part of the Teacher Academy, Green Academy and the Humanities Pathway.  I have had many jobs in my life but nothing is more challenging or rewarding than teaching.