How to Contact Me

My Courses

  • ESL Language Development 7 & 8; 1st & 6th periods
  • ESL Reading Development 5 & 6; 2nd, 4th & 5th periods

Mr. Thomas Edminster

Mr. Edminster is a second generation teacher, who began working @ Lincoln in 1989. Both his parents taught at Lincoln HS and his mother graduated from Lincoln. (Theirs was one of the romances here many years ago.) He was an instructional aide in Special Education @ Balboa HS from 1986 to 1989. He also traveled to and worked in Nicaragua in the 1980’s His past employment includes warehousing, coffee production (Hills Bros coffee), carpenter/laborer work, and bartending. His interests include politics, ecology/the environment and unions. He has been active in the educators union since before he came to Lincoln HS. He enjoys Lincoln’s ethnic diversity and the humor, intelligence and survival skills of his students and his colleagues. He reads mystery novels when he can find or make the spare time.

 Mr Edminster is happy to cooperate with tje parents and guardians of his students. He encourages any expressions of concern or questions. Email is the preferred method of communication, but phone calls or messages will be responded to promptly.