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My Courses

  • 10th Grade English
  • English and European Literature

Ms. Sara Falls

This is my tenth year teaching and my eighth year at Abraham Lincoln.  I have taught middle school in East Palo Alto and Redwood City, and I have worked as an environmental educator and co-facilitated improvisational theatre workshops and creative writing workshops with incarcerated adults and youth. I spent five years as a fellow with the Teachers Leadership Institute, a group of teachers looking to improve teaching and learning and affect policy change, and I am currently a mentor teacher with the district's Master Teacher program.  I am originally from Michigan and received my B.A. and teaching credential from the University of Michigan.  I student taught in Detroit.

I love teaching!  I feel thankful every day for the students who come through my room, their ideas and personalities! When not teaching, I am an avid reader and writer.  I love cooking, games, hiking, traveling, and martial arts.