How to Contact Me

My Courses

  • Physics
  • Marine Science

Mr. Regan Lum

    I was hired out of the San Francisco State University teaching credential program over ten years ago and have been teaching at Lincoln High School every since.  The courses I have taught were physical science, integrated science, marine science, and physics. 

As a teacher, I feel that students must take responsibility for their own education.  This means students:

  • bring to class pencils, pens, paper, books, and other necessary material required for learning
  • do their homework and classwork
  • ask questions in class or get help if they do not understand.
  • keep track of their own progress; the grading sheet is available for their review

I believe that learning does not only take place in a fifty-minute class period.  During lunch time, I will be available in my classroom for any students who need tutoring.  My room is also open to students who just need a place to study or do homework.