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Ms. Nancy Yu

AP Chinese Self Evaluation   Due 11.14.09 before 10 a.m.

Evaluate yourself rank 0 to 10, 10 is the most, 0 is the least. then average your score. Then give me 5 areas, speaking, listening, reading, writing, etc.  that you have done well and have improved since the last quarter in this class.  Type your evaluation with at least 10 huoxingwen, mars symbols. and email to me no later than 10 a.m. 11.14.09 Saturday. 

2nd quarter Class participation  What percentage do you deserve?

1.  Do you come everyday before 7:25 to show that you care and have materials out, textbooks ready. 

2.  Do you speak Mandarin as much as possible to your teacher and your classmates?

3.  Do you finish your class work on time and in an outstanding manner?

4.  Are you attentive?  Pay attention?

5.  Do you take good notes?  Do you need your teacher to remind you, take notes, then you take notes?

6.  Do you raise your hand voluntarily to answer questions.

7.  Do you actively engage in all class activities? Not off task, side talking, drawing, etc.

8.  Do you show interest in the language by not falling asleep in class.  You are 100% awake.

9.  Do you speak Mandarin outside of class?  Do you watch Mandarin dramas, listen to Mandarin songs outside of class?

10.  Do you have good attitute?  Respectful to the teacher and your classmates?  Do you have a smile on your face to make the learning eviornment joyful?  Why?  How?