How to Contact Me

My Courses

  • Psychology (5th Period, 6th Period)
  • Government (ELL) (2nd ,3rd ,4thPeriod)

Ms. Nancy Kaufmann

      It has been my privilege to teach (and learn from) high school students in San Francisco since 1988.  I have been at Lincoln High School since 1998.  I grew up in Ohio, completed my B.A. degree in social science at the University of Michigan, and received my teaching credential at San Francisco State University. 

I hope to empower young adults to succeed academically and personally, and to be active community members.  I try to model the type of community I want to live in with my students and classes.  I am the La Raza Unida Club sponsor.

            My seven year old daughter attends a Spanish immersion program in the SFUSD.  We live in the Mission District.  I love reading, music, salsa dancing, travel and nature.