How to Contact Me

My Courses

  • 2nd Period: French 5H / 7 (3rd year Honors & 4th year)
  • 3rd Period: French 1 (1st year )
  • 5th Period: French 1 (1st year )
  • 6th Period: French 3 (Second year )
  • 7th Period: French 3H / 5 (2nd year Honors & 3rd year)

Mr. John Frediani

I first received my secondary teaching credential in the 1970s from SFSU. My teaching experience includes 10 years in Europe; 5 years teaching in Italy at an American school, and 5 years in France teaching English in adult education programs. I have been an employee for SFUSD since 1989 and have taught ESL, French, and Italian in a number of schools. My interests include languages, travel, and theater. I may be contacted by calling Lincoln High School (415-759-2700 Ext. #3003).