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  • Room:  301
  • Office Hours:  8:30 -- 9:30 a.m.
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  • Telephone:  415-759-2700 X3301

My Courses

  • English Language Development 5
  • Reading 5
  • California High School Exit Exam, English Language Arts (for ELLs)

Ms. Jessie Davidson

English Language Development and Reading 5 & 6


Goals for Student Achievement

Skill Focus:


The correct use of different verb tenses for different times


Self-editing for punctuation, capitalization, spelling and grammatical errors


Recognition of a variety of English texts, such as poems or short stories


Working in groups and helping each other with pronunciation and vocabulary

CAHSEE English Language Arts

Goals for Student Achievement

Skill Focus:


Pass Exit Exam, English language arts


Improve English reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar skills


                                           My Policies

Required Materials


Grammatical rules, sentence writing practice, and organizational formats for note-taking will also be written into the notebook.

The notebook contains so many assignments that students without a notebook don’t have enough work to show their learning. A notebook exclusively for my class is required.

Late Policy

Every day an assignment is late, I reduce the total number of points available by 1/3. When returning from an excused absence, turn in all assignments within two days after the day of your return to school.


Unexcused absences are “cuts.” Students who cut class cannot receive full credit for missed assignments. Complete and turn in the assignment as quickly as possible, because every day the assignment is late, I reduce the number of points you can receive by 1/3.

For planned absences, see me as soon as possible before you leave so I can give you an alternate assignment or make-up work.


Be in your seat and ready to work at the posted start time. 3 tardies will result in my contacting your parents as well as other classroom consequences.

Over 20 minutes late will result in my recording a “cut.”

Written Work

Besides your notebook, I assign written work in class and as homework. Use standard

8 ½” by 11” lined binder paper and blue or black ink. Write neatly and do not wrinkle or tear your paper, or I will reduce your score on the assignment.

Typed assignments: Double-space, use 1 side of the paper, 12 point font (Times, Century Schoolbook), and always use black ink. Do not put in all italics or use wider margins. Title every assignment you turn in to me. On the upper right hand corner of every assignment, follow this format for labeling your work: Name

Period , Course title

Date due

Behavioral Rules

No eating in class.

No wearing of hats or hoods in class.

No use of electronic devices in class.

All of the above will be enforced by me with the following steps:

1)Taking it away

2)Calling home

3)Referral to the Dean

4)Class suspension

Respecting each other and the belongings of others is also a rule which you must follow if you want to succeed.

Grading and Cheating

I have zero tolerance for cheating. Those who cheat will receive a zero for the assignment and a letter describing the cheating put in their cumulative San Francisco school file, as well as a letter sent home for a parent signature.

I compile (add) points for every assignment. Most assignments done in class reflect about 30 minutes of independent work and receive 5 points. A homework assignment which takes less than 25 minutes to complete may be worth 1 or 2 points. Larger, more complicated assignments earn more points, and usually students spend two or three days in class working on them, with my assistance. But some work outside of class is essential for major assignments. Whenever students do paragraph and essay writing or prewriting, I give more points to show the value of planning your writing and completing your writing with details and a conclusion. A five paragraph essay is the final goal.

A semester’s worth of points will average about 600 to 800 points. The point values for each assignment add into the total number of points available for each grading period.

(1 grading period = 6 weeks; 3 grading periods = 1 semester.)

The letter grade of the semester (the final mark) is an average of the three grading period grades (%s) and the final “test” for the semester. That semester letter grade is assigned based upon the percentages detailed below. The ESL Department shares a common grading policy based upon the importance of language use and practice. Common Grading Policy:

Homework: 20%

Composition: 20%

Participation: 10%

Assessment: 50%

Quizzes, tests, and the student notebook are “assessments.”

At the end of the semester, a final test is given based upon the English skills learned as well as the more deeply studied texts. That final test becomes 15% of the semester grade, with the average of the three grading periods counting as 85% of the semester grade.

When I assign a letter grade, or mark, for the grading period, I find the percentage of total points received out of the total points available during that grading period.

The grading system for that letter grade is as follows:

A: 90 – 100% B: 80 – 89% C: 70 – 79% D: 60 – 69% F: 59%Participation

Required participation


Class or group discussion


All group work assigned




Reading aloud


All individual or shared projects assigned

For you, communicating regularly in English during class discussions shows your effort to reach fluency in English.Homework “Buddy”

Write the name and contact information of 2 classmates in case you need help or are absent, and want to make up the work while you are out.

1.Classmate’s name _________________________________________

Classmate’s Phone # ___________________ email _________________________

2.Classmate’s name _________________________________________

Classmate’s Phone # ___________________ email _________________________Homework

I assign homework in class to help you practice skills learned in class, so that you can do those activities on your own. Always have your homework completed on time to receive full credit.

----- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - Tear here and return to Miss Davidson -- - - - - -- - -- - -- - - I, _______________________ , have read and understand the guidelines for Miss Davidson’s English Language Development and Reading class, and agree to abide by the responsibilities and requirements outlined within this document.

_____________________________________ (signature) ___________________ (date)