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Ms. Jan Allen

I am a Illinois transplant to the Bay Area who graduated from University of Kansas and moved to San Francisco to pursue higher education and work in Mental Health. I went on to get a teaching credential from USF and marry a doctor who worked at St. Mary’s with me. Then I moved with my husband to New Orleans so he could get a degree in Tropical Medicine. I received a Masters in Special Education at Louisana State University while teaching and taking additional classes in archeology, art history and anthropology. Afterwards, we moved to Hawaii where I taught at Kaiser High School in Special Education and he worked at Kaiser Hospital. After a year, we returned to California and I studied photography at City College while working in Mental Health. We then moved to Chicago so my husband could pursue an advanced degree in microbiology. I coordinated a program for developmentally delayed adolescents. After three years i returned to the Bay Area, first teaching elementary special education students while obtaining a Masters Degree in Psychology, then teaching at the high school level. I am fortunate to have gotten a Resource Specialist position at Lincoln. I love the variety of roles I play and the students I get to assist to  be successful in regular classes. In my spare time I enjoy doing art and photography, swimming, reading, cooking for friends and traveling the world.