How to Contact Me

  • Room:  Bungalow 4
  • Office Hours:  Lunch, 5th period, after school
  • Online: Contact Form
  • Email:
  • Telephone:  1-415-759-2700

My Courses

  • British & European Literature .6
  • 10th Grade English .6
  • English Language Development 7 & 8

Mr. George Irving

I was born in Salem, Massachusetts. I received a BS in Communications from Boston University, and I moved to our fabulous city. The only flaw in San Francisco is Irving Street, a noun that conjures up an image of wealth to my humble persona. It is an illusion that I am sure keeps people from giving me large cash grants. I am not a witch, nor rich!

San Francisco State was the place I learned to coach, advocate, and teach to Standards while gettting my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. I went on to get a CLAD and got a bit obsessive leading to my Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language (TESOL) from University of San Francisco.  I also have a Single Subject Teaching Credential.

All of my classes include listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary development, and pronounciation. These are essentials for English Language Learners to let their natural brilliance and creativity shine. Language is also cultural. Cross-cultural curriculum is regularly woven into my curriculum.  While developing an understanding of each other’s cultures, we, including me, learn to value the creativity of all people and their many cultural attributes. Homework is essential to reinforce and develop an at-ease understanding of these many learning objectives.

All students are individuals and learn in different ways. I strive to accommodate and foster all learning styles. All of my students are successful and will be more successful as time goes by. I am availble for tutoring during lunch daily. Any student or parent interested in tutoring should contact me. No student needs to fail; all students can succeed. A sustained commitment is essentail to success.