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  • Chinese Primary Language Arts Honors 3/4C
  • Biology

Dr. Fan Fang

Fan Fang is the ESL/Bilingual department head, currently teaching Chinese Primary Language Arts 3/4C Honors and Biology.

Dr. Fang’s teaching experience includes, but not limited to, secondary schools and colleges. He was a committee member of the California State Department of Education’s “Recommended Chinese Reading List Advisory Committee”; the San Francisco Unified School District’s “Pre-k to 12th grade Chinese Language Arts Standards and Curriculum Committee” and is currently serving at the Advisory Board of Research and Instruction, China’s Ministry of education’s Educational Network.

In 1994, Dr. Fang initiated the “Information Superhighway in Chinese” project. His students became the first secondary student book covergroup in the US to communicate with students in China in Chinese on the Internet. In 1995, Dr. Fang directed “The Colorful Years” project. His students published the World’s first secondary student online Chinese magazine. The online magazine then became an award-winning international project. It has been featured in an English textbook for high school English Language Learners called “The Vistas!” book three, and a book called “The Internet Speaks Many Languages.” To participate in this award-winning international project, please visit The Colorul Years BBS.

Dr. Fang won the 1995 “Golden Apple” honor awarded by the San Francisco Education Fund for his high-tech integration with curriculum and the 2001 “Outstanding Teacher of the Year” issued by the California State Senator John Burton for his achievement in developing a complete set of Chinese Language Textbook series and curriculum. Dr. Fang’s students have been participating in China’s national secondary student essay contest and have been winning the top prizes since 1998. In 2004, Dr. Fang’s computer modular based Chinese language arts instruction protocol was chosen by the Teacher Net as one of the two best projects in California nation wide and won the best online instructional project award.

Dr. Fang has been an active member of National Association of Bilingual Education, California Association of Bilingual Education and American College Personnel’s Association. In addtion to his regular teaching job at Lincoln, he also taught graduate courses at USF, and is a special advisor to the Shanghai Foreign Language University Attached Bilingual School in the People’s Republic of China. Dr. Fang’s “Language Based Form-Focused Training” (LBFFT) theory and applications are currently leading China’s reform on Chinese language teaching. He has been invited by many schools and districts in China to conduct professional development on how to teach Chinese language arts using the LBFFT method.

Information Superhighway In Chinese

Dr. Fang has published many articles on bilingual education research, Chinese immersion education research and Chinese language teaching methodology on various professional journals, both in China and in the US. In 2001, he conducted a workshop at the CABE conference on his three-year study on Chinese immersion students at Lincoln High School. He has also authored Chinese textbook series and curriculum guides for the district’s Chinese Primary Language Arts Honors Program. His latest book is Teaching at a Secondary School in the US, published by the Huadong Normal University Publications. Since last school year, he has been working with several publication companies to produce reading and testing materials for Chinese language learners.