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  • Ethnic Literature - grade 10

Ms. Elizabeth Raupers

This is my third year at ALHS and I am looking forward to working with both my students and my fellow teachers.  I began working in English, Art, and Special Education classrooms in Pre-K, Elementary, and Middle schools before and during my time at Muhlenberg College, where I received a BA in English and Visual Art.  Although I am a true native to the state of New Jersey, I have lived in Pennsylvania, Italy, New York City, and San Francisco.  Three years ago I began my MA in English Education at Lehman College, as well as teaching High School English in the Bronx, where I met some amazing and unforgettable students who gave me my beloved nickname: Ms. Arrr. 

I am a voracious reader, writer, painter, and bassist, so great books and well-crafted writing fall into an unending interest in learning and teaching the arts.  Alongside the awesome power of the written word, I value my students most, because they are also my greatest teachers.  We have so much to learn from eachother!