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My Courses

  • Advanced Placement United States History
  • Psychology and Learning
  • Human Development
  • Career Counseling

Ms. Dina Wright

I have been teaching at Lincoln since 2001.  I was born and raised in Connecticut where I earned both my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Central Connecticut State University, founded in 1849 as a Normal School to train teachers.  I have always known that I wanted to work with teenagers and began my career teaching high school students right out of college.

 I have always loved being Ms. Wright.  To be right all the time, you basically need to know everything, making a major in history an absolute necessity.  I specialized in the history of the United States with minors in both psychology and geography.   In Connecticut, I was the Program Director for the Summer Institute for Future Teachers at Eastern Connecticut State University.  The program provided high school students interested in the field of teaching an opportunity to learn about the profession through field experiences and classroom instruction.

I have taken my experiences from Connecticut and my belief in the high priority need of recruiting quality students into the field of education and helped to design the curriculum for the Teacher Academy at Lincoln High School.  We are in great need of leaders in this essential profession and through engaging lessons and real life experiences it is my hope that I can spark an interest in the possibility of teaching as a potential career.

In my spare time, I also teach Advanced Placement United States History which I absolutely LOVE to do.