How to Contact Me

Mr. Chatree Touch


My name is Chatree Touch and I am glad to be your 11th Grade Counselor at Lincoln. I am excited to be here and look forward to working with all the students and their parents this year!!!!

About me:

I recently graduated from the University of San Francisco with my Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. I graduated magna cum laude from the University of the Pacific with a degree in Psychology in 2007. I started college at the local community college. When I was a high school student I was not aware of high school and college requirements. Although I had the grades I was not informed about the college process. I did not know my counselor because I never went to see her. I want all Mustangs to be aware of high school, college requirements, and other valuable information!

I believe that all students can succeed. If you need help, have questions, or just want to talk please come and see me!

I have learned that people who succeed are those who ask for help. I tell all my students to DREAM BIG, BUT WORK EVEN HARDER FOR IT! What you want will not be handed to you, you need to be actively working for what you want.

Ask yourself: What do I want? Are my actions and behavior obtaining what I want? If not, why is it not working? What can I do to obtain what I want?

If you need help with these questions, ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE COME AND TALK TO ME!


Study Tips

Budge your time. First you need to buy a planner so you can write down events, deadlines, and to-do's on it. I highly recommend opening a g-mail account to use their online calendar. Write down EVERY homework assignments, exams, and events (sport games, birthday parties, dental appointment). Look at it in a week's glance and then write down when you will complete your homework and study. Check out the sample calendar for an example.

Designate a Study/Homework Time. Choose certain times specifically for school work. For example, if I get out of class at 3:35 and arrive home at 4:15. Once I get home I watch television while eating snacks. I will then designate 5PM to 7:30PM my Study/Homework Time. After dinner and getting ready for bed I will spend time on the computer and watching TV until 8:30PM. If I have more homework I will complete them.

Designate a Study/Homework Area. The less the distraction the more focus you will be. Do not study in a loud area if that distracts you. It is good to have your television and computer off. Usually your room is the designated Study/Homework Area, but if you know you constantly go online to chat on AIM or Facebook, make sure you turn your computer off! You should also turn off your cellphone.

Take breaks. If you know that you are tired or your mind tend to wonder after 30 minutes of doing homework or studying, take a break. Walk around, dance, listen to music, text a friend, etc. Do what it takes to get your focus again.

Designate how long your breaks will be. Do not take long breaks. Do not engage in an activity that you know you will be too involved that you will not come back to doing your homework or study.

Reward yourself. Identify something that you want. For example, if I finish this math assignment I will eat a cookie.


Re-write your notes. Read your notes and then re-write it into your own words. For example, the box about "Trust the Process of Life" can be summarized as letting go of your past and jump freely into your future.

Make flash-cards. On one side of the index card (or paper) write down the question/term, and on the other side write down the answer. Quiz yourself. You put the correct one in one pile, and the incorrect one in another. Once you have it all correct, quiz yourself again.

Make your own quiz/test questions. Does that term sound important and you somewhat understand it? Make it into a question and find the answer to it!

Practice the math problem. Use your old homework assignment and solve the problem that you missed. You can also work on the problems with the answer in the back. If you cannot get the correct answer try to find it in the textbook and/or notes. Still cannot solve it? Write down the question, then ask for help. You can Google it, ask your parents, friends, tutor, or teacher.

Search for more information on the internet. Still need more information about that topic? Still confused? Google it! Read the material then summarize it. If you have questions, write it down!