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Ms. Cynthia Fernandez

I am starting my fifth year of teaching at Lincoln this year. Before Lincoln, I taught for many years at Hoover Middle School, both science and p.e. Now, I only teach biology but get my sports fix as assistant athletic director and by coaching softball. It is exciting to see so many successful teams at Lincoln. I love to watch football, baseball, and soccer. I am a 49er Faithful, love the Giants, and follow the national soccer team of Portugal, where my father is from. I love to play sports and participate in outdoor activities such as mountain biking, river-rafting, sea-kayaking, anything where I'm outside and it's even better if I have a chance to see some animals, too. I like to follow the annual raptor (birds of prey - hawks, eagles, falcons) migration over the Marin Headlands as well as the Gray whale migration up and down the California Coast.

I majored in biology at San Francisco State University and specialized in vertebrate zoology, that is, animals with backbones. I am especially interested in marine mammals. We are fortunate to live in an area where we can see Gray whales from the shore, and with a boat trip, can also see Blue whales and Humpback whales, as well as dolphins. I am also very interested in conservation biology and very concerned with saving endangered species. I hope to get my students interested in preserving the biodiversity that remains and taking better care of this planet than the generations before them have.