How to Contact Me

  • Room:  TB7
  • Online: Contact Form
  • Telephone:  750-2700xxxxx3221

My Courses

  • 2nd Period: English Department Chair
  • 3rd Period: British and European Literature
  • 4th Period: American Literature Honors
  • 5th Period: British and European Literature
  • 7th Period: British and European Literature

Ms. Beverly Buchanan

I attended school in Ohio before moving to San Francisco and attaining my BA and teaching credential from San Francisco State University. Upon receiving my credential, I taught one semester at Mission High School before coming to Lincoln in 1989.  Generally, I prefer to teach British and European Literature because of the richness of the language through authors such as Sophocles and Shakespeare and American Literature because students take US History in the junior year and can relate two subjects easily.

Presently, I am the English Department chair. In this position I relate messages and policy from the administration to the department members. I also help with selecting and preparing curriculum including choosing novels for the four classes: 9th and 10th English, 11th American Literature, and 12th British and European Literature. I help plan curriculum for the honors and Advanced Placement classes, as well. 

I am also the Gifted and Talented Coordinator for Lincoln. In this capacity, I work with the GATE office to ensure that GATE and high achieving students are represented in the School Site Plan and explain the program to incoming 9th grade students and parents. I also coordinate a small budget outside of the school money directly to teachers to expand the materials they have for these students.

Students who are interested in applying for an English honors or AP class for the 2006-07 year should get an application from their English teacher or me in room 221. These applications are due back to the teachers on Friday, February 17th.  Only students with completed applications will be allowed to test for an honors or AP class.

If you have any questions about either the English Department or GATE , call me 759-2700 and leave a time when I can return your call.