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  • Geometry
  • CMC-D&E
  • Pre-Algebra

Mr. Tony Sourmany

I’m a teacher in the Special Education Department at Abraham Lincoln for the past five years. For the most part, I teach mathematics. You can generally find me out in the bungalows. All together, I’ve been in the profession for fifteen years and have taught children from most grade levels from K-12 grade. My favorite group is high school students.

When I’m not teaching, I try to stay in shape by running in a club or swimming. That way, I can do the next favorite activity, eating. San Francisco is a great place to try all kinds of ethnic foods and culinary delights. The Mission and the south of Market area are the best places to find interesting places to eat.

During the summers and holidays, I like travel as far away as my budget allows. This past year, I went to Vancouver, Canada and Istanbul, Turkey. Both places were great, but I think I liked Turkey more because it’s so far away and so very different. Turkey is famous for places like the Hagia Sofia, Capadoccia and beach resorts. I went hot air ballooning over the region of Capadoccia. What a view! A friendly Australian I met in the Capadoccia region took the picture of me above. It’s famous for its strange volcanic landscape and caves where people lived up until the 1960’s. You can see some of the windows and doorways cut into the mountain. I even saw churches carved out of the side of the hills complete with columns and frescoes describing the life of Christ. If you want to visit a place that’s different from San Francisco, visit Turkey Cool.