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My Courses

  • Health Education- 1
  • Health Education- 2
  • Health Education- 3
  • Health Education- 5
  • Health Education- 6
  • Homeroom 1A

Ms. Ashley Moore

Hey Mustangs! I’m Ms. Moore, and I am coming from the sunnier side of the Bay…Oakland(E.S.O. 5400)! To teach Health/Science for Ms. Weinhouse for Semester 1.

I am a Bay Area native, and I have lived in Los Angeles for the past few years, as I was finishing my graduate degree at UCLA. I went to San Francisco State University, and am very familiar with the Sunset.

You can find me in TB-04 most of the day, and on the L towards downtown after school(give up your seat for us elderly)…

Looking forward to a healthy, aware, and productive year at Lincoln!

Health is your GREATEST wealth! Kiss