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Mr. Andre Jordan

My name is Mr. Andre D. Jordan. I am a graduate of Lincoln High School, Class of 1974. I am pleased to be teaching at my alma mater. During  my days at Lincoln High School, I was Junior and Senior Class President, and Associated Student Body President. I was involved with the Tennis Team, the Student Body and the Drama Club. In 1974, I was awarded the school's Helmsman award for Outstanding School Service.

 I feel the high school years are very important for our students. As a teacher , I look to see that our students are making the BEST of these times in their young lives. I encourage young people to take control of their lives and their destinies, by showing personal growth. I am always looking for materials and opportunities for our young people to learn from.

When I was a student, someone took me aside and made me realize that I could succeed. I always knew that, but having someone tell you , and be willing to help you make a huge difference a life. I bring this philosophy with me here to Lincoln. It has been well documented by students and parents that I care greatly for my students. I care about their personal growth and well being. As a teacher and a human being, I see my job as working to develop well rounded, highly informed young citizens.

To accomplish these goals I have engaged myself in various Professional Development Projects. In 2007, I was asked to go with sixteen other teachers from all over the United States to China to learn about the Rape of Nanking  during the Japanese Invasion of Manchuria. I spoke with survivors of germ and chemical warfare. I collected historical factual materials for our Social Studies Department to use  to supplement their knowledge on this topic. I also had the honorable opportunity to speak with some of the sexual slaves often referred to as "The Comfort Women" I helped to gain support for the Honda Resolution in which our Congress  encourages the Japanese Government to acknowledge its discretion and validate the lives and honor of the women it victimized. I would like to thank Dr. Peter Li, Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University, New Jersey and Mr. and Mrs Ignatius Ding and the Global Alliance for the Preservation of the History of Asia, and the Rape of Nanking Coalition and Mr. Peter Stanek for the opportunity to learn about this troubling time in history and giving me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. My account of one part of my trip is published in the Global Alliance's "Guardians

I also participated in the San Francisco Unified School District's program of curriculum development through the Office of Teaching and Learning and San Francisco State University. In the summer of 2008, I developed curriculum for teachers across the country to access on The Redevelopment of the Western Addition in the 1960's and 70's and the Ethnic Cleansing of San Francisco in the new Millenium.

As an active participant of this faculty, I am involved with the Jump Start Program, the Drama program, the Black Student Union, Show Choir and I am the Sponsor of the Class of 2010. I believe in Community Service and that our students need to give back to their Lincoln community as well as their own individual communities. For my efforts, I was awarded the Phat Friends Award for 2009 for Outstanding Help in Youth Development for our Students.

I think consistency is very important in life, in keeping with that philosophy, I have teamed up with our Director of Sports, Mr. Kenyatta Scott, and our Principal , Mr. Barnaby Payne , as well as Mr. David Hong. Coordinator for the Northern California Chapter of the National Junior Tennis Association to try to bring their fantastic sport/education program for young people called, "First Serve"  to Lincoln High School. Due to Construction issues, we are not able to offer this program fully until next year, but I am working diligently to get this programs instituted into Lincoln's curriculum as soon as possible. If you have an interest in helping us develop this program, please send me an email through

Thanks for reading this. I hope it allows you to have a more complete idea of who and what I’m about.


Mr. Andre D. Jordan