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My Courses

  • 1° & 2° — Ninth Grade English
  • 4° — REACH
  • 5° & 6° — English/European Literature (Senior English)

Mr. Alexander Fraser

I was born and raised in Delaware but moved to San Francisco in the mid-70s and have long since come to think of myself as a Californian. A few years ago I moved to the East Bay to buy a house. Staying at Lincoln meant a long commute, but it’s worth it. I have taught at Abraham Lincoln High School since 1990 and hope to be here for a long time because I have felt a special affinity for the students here from the first time I walked through the doors. 

My goal in teaching English is not only to improve the students’ technical reading and writing skills and increase their enjoyment and appreciation of great literature, but to encourage them to think, to think critically and effectively in ways that they can carry beyond the walls of the classroom. Language and thought are inextricably linked; I consider it a privilege and a serious responsibility to teach this most personal and universally important of subjects.