The Wellness Center

Students need to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit in order to learn successfully. The Wellness Center is all about support for students to help them make the most of their education. The Wellness Program provides care that includes health, mental health, and substance abuse counseling; parent support and linkages; student success team support; and community referrals.

To visit the Wellness Center, drop by Room 143, call us at (415) 242-2574, email us at, or mail us at Abraham Lincoln High School, c/o Wellness Center, 2162 24th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94116.

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Wellness Center Personnel

  • Wellness Center [room 143]
    • Wellness Coordinator: Jen Kenny-Baum
    • Youth Outreach Coordinator: Ian Michael Enriquez (Tagalog)
  • School Health Programs [room184]: health consultation and tobacco prevention services.
    • Kathy Ward, School Nurse (Mon, Wed, Thu)
  • Youth Outreach Program
    • ATLAS & ATHENA: Student led athletic nutrition and drug prevention program, educating youth to be natural and healthy athletes sponsored by the National Football League.
      • Jonathan Escobar, ATLAS Squad Leader Trainer
      • Hannah Yan, ATHENA Squad Leader Trainer
    • Diversity Action League: Student coalition of cultural club leaders, working together to promote unity and diversity.
      • Lupita Troncoso, Diversity Outreach
    • Gay Straight Alliance: Student organization working to challenge homophobia and heterosexism, promote a safer school environment, and educate their peers around the issues of romantic freedom.
      • Teresa Lui, LGBTQ Support Liaison
      • Natalie King, Romantic Freedom Outreach
    • Random Acts of Kindness Club: Student organization working to promote acts of kindness with the hopes of improving the climate within the community and inspiring others.
      • Kevin Liang, Safe School Ambassador
    • Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) Program: developing programs, events, and presentations to prevent youth from using tobacco or assisting them to quit.
        • Monica Saint, Drug Prevention Outreach
    • Wellness Promotion Team: Student outreach and promotion team, educating parents and students about health and wellness, as well as local resources and opportunities available for adolescents.
        • Susanna Cheng, Family Wellness Outreach
        • Deanna Wong, Youth Resource Specialist
    • See other programs: Girls After School Academy & Playsafe
  • RAMS [rooms 158]
    • Counseling Services (Daily) integrated behavioral health services for mental health and substance abuse
      • Sheening Lin, Behavioral Health Specialist
      • Ginger Scheer, Behavioral Health Specialist (Mon-Wed)
      • Ken Lee, Behavioral Health Specialist (Wed-Fri)
      • Alice Shim, Behavioral Health Intern (Korean- Thurs)
  • San Francisco State University Social Work Program
    • Counseling Services, room 158: individual and group counseling services
      • Anne Collaco, Counseling Intern (Thurs-Fri)
  • Center for Human Development
    • Real Talk (Friday, 5th/6th period), cafeteria: substance use and violence prevention curriculum and support group
      • Wayne Hayes, Program Coordinator
  • Cole Street Clinic
    • Counseling Services (Tuesday), room 162: family and individual counseling, family intervention, medical assessments, and mental-health services
    • Lisbeth White, Therapist
  • Columbia Park Boys & Girls Club
    • Counseling Services (Monday), room 162
      • Rebecca Randall, Behavioral Health Counselor
    • Smart Moves (Friday, 5th/6th period), B10/TB10
      • Emily Goldberg, Group Facilitator
  • Community Youth Center
    • Counseling Services (Monday), room 178
      • Yau Lee, Case Manager (Cantonese/Mandarin)
    • API Youth Violence Prevention Network (Wednesday @ Lunch), B7: academic enhancement and cultural enrichment activities for Chinese newcomers.
      • Hiu Nam Cheung & Doris Tang, Project Coordinator (Cantonese)
  • Department of Public Health
    • Condom Availability Program (Friday @ Lunch), room 127: safer sex education and condom availability
      • Joe Imbriani, Health Educator
  • Foster Youth Services
    • Case Management (Wednesday), room 143
      • Jennifer Zakroff, Case Manager
  • Girls After School Academy
    • Respect (Tuesday, 5th/6th period), B10/TB10: sexual health education and training
      • Paulesha Pulliam, Group Facilitator
      • Peer Educators: Angelique Bannag, Sandy Lee, Tina Powell
  • La Casa de las Madres
    • Counseling Services (Tuesday): one-on-one or group relationship couseling for girls.
      • Vanessa Mayorga, Case Manager -Spanish
  • Metamorphic Massage
    • Faculty Massage Lottery- each week a faculty member in the district wins a free hour long massage! Three massages are offered to Lincoln each school year.
      • Pam O’Dea, Massage Therapist
      • l>
    • New Leaf
      • Counseling Services (Thursday), room 162: professional mental health, substance abuse, and social support services
        • Larry Lariosa, Counselor
    • Ohlhoff Recovery Programs
      • Counseling Services (Mon/Wed), room 162: substance abuse counseling and recovery services
        • Anna Yuen, Counselor
    • Playsafe (UCSF)
      • Sports Medicine Club (Thursdays @ lunch), room 141: prevention education and hands on training for sports medicine, physical therapy, and athletic training
        • Elise Hammond, Athletic Trainer
        • Andrei Khartchenko, Fitness Outreach
    • Vietnamese Youth Development Center
      • Empowering Southeast Asian Youth (Tuesday @ Lunch), room 126a
        • Suong Vo & Van Dang, Asian Youth Prevention Services Coordinator (Vietnamese)


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