Career / Driver / Health Education

You must complete one semester of Health Education, one-half semester of Career Education, and one-half of a semester of Driver Education in order to meet graduation requirements.

Health Education

“Health Education” is a semester-long course at Lincoln that attempts to help students learn more about being emotionally, mentally, and physically, dealing with topics such as:

  • the different body systems and organs of the human body
  • harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco, and drug use
  • caring for one’s body, such as getting proper sleep and excercising

Driver Education

First time drivers should check out the Califorina’s DMV website where it contains helpful information on obtaining your drivers license. An online copy of the California’s Driver Handbook may also be a good resource.

“Driver Education” is a one-half semester course at Lincoln will earn you a DL 387 (a pink “Certification of Completion of Classroom Driver Education”) and will prepare you to take the paper DMV “traffic laws and signs” test, which are two of the many requirements to receive a minor’s provisional permit, sometimes called a learner permit or an instruction permit, in the State of California.

A minor’s provisional permit will enable you to practice with parents and adults with a driver license and over 21 years of age as well as licensed behind-the-wheel instructors; however, you cannot drive alone.

You must hold this permit without any incident for six months and have your parents sign the permit after 50 hours of supervised driving practice (with at least 10 at night) for you to be eligible for you to apply for a minor’s provisional license, which does allow you to drive alone with some restrictions.

A provisional license once you pass the behind-the-wheel test allows you to drive alone, but carries some restrictions, particularly regarding driving between midnight and 5:00AM. The provisional part of the license ends when you turn 18.

Career Education

“Career Education” is a one-half semester course at Lincoln that explores the different career options that is available in college and beyond, and deals with job interviews, creating a resumé, and filling out a job application as well as college information.