About Lincolnhigh.net

Lincolnhigh.net is Abraham Lincoln High School’s official school website. The website and its contents are created and maintained by Lincoln students in colloboration with teachers and administrators.

Current Managers

  • Kevin Liang(Webmaster)
  • Bryan Chong (Designer)
  • Mr. Goncalves (Sponsor)
  • Ms. Ziegler (Sponsor)

Website History

Lincolnhigh.net was first created in March 2002. The website was initially very basic, but met the demands of the school population at that time.

In 2005, the website was re-mastered giving it the look it has today. The site has become much more advanced, and we use a variety of technologies such as PHP, Javascript, MySQL, and CSS. The website was also developed with more student interaction in mind, allowing teachers, clubs, and departments to have access to their own sections of the website. This has resulted in a website that is more frequently updated to reflect the current happenings at Abraham Lincoln High School, including more visual content such as pictures and videos.

Now in 2008, the current website 3G (3rd Generation) was published to enhance the web experience. Adding both old and new content, the website was redesigned from scratch. The pages were compressed further down to allow for more viewing area and a customized browsing experience. The new site directory was added to allow for better site navigation throughout all of the Lincoln’s websites. The new website added the idea of featuring content from multiple sources to make access to less known content easily.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make Lincolnhigh.net a better part of the school community. The site is user-friendly, allowing teachers and the administration to better communicate with students and parents. Topics of interest on our website include school bulletins, sports schedules, and teacher pages.

Website Facts

  • LincolnHigh.net is hosted by Dreamhost which is located in Brea, CA. Dreamhost is carbon neutral making this website green.
  • This website is made from scratch without the use of any proprietary software; just open source.
  • Currently our website traffic reaches 100GB per month.

Lincolnhigh.net’s Future

You may think that we have gotten to the end of what we can do, but we also see a great deal of potential in our future. We want to see more teachers getting involved in updating their pages, such as getting their students updated on homework assignments and upcoming test dates, as well as linking with ASB, Mustang TV, Theater Tech, AOIT, Yearbook, Photography, and Journalism to bring them better connected to the Web. These connections will bring you a wider range of information on our website, and future innovations with new technologies such as live webcasting and streaming media may one day be part of Lincolnhigh.net.