School Loop

Abraham Lincoln High School's School Loop Website:

The website that Abraham Lincoln High School uses for School Loop is

For Students:

Forgotten Usernames:

Students were given usernames and passwords from their homeroom teachers and/or on locator cards. If you have forgotten your username, ask your homeroom teacher for it.

Forgotten Passwords:

All students need to change their passwords for School Loop.

Instructions for changing your password:
1. Type: into the address bar on the internet browser.
2. Select the first option to "Change My Password" and follow instructions.
3. Next, select the second option called "Enroll in ViperGuard" and follow instructions. *Note that the ViperGuard will make it easier for you to retrieve their own passwords in the future.
After you follow options 1 & 2 you will be able to choose option #3 to recover forgotten passwords.

For Parents/Guardians:

Unlike your child who only needed to follow a procedure for an initial login to their School Loop account, parents/guardians need self-register. Enter the web address (url) Make sure you see this address and not something different in the web address field.

You will see two options: login and register. You must register. It is required that you fill-in all requested information; there are no fields that can optionally left blank. The required information includes your student’s “H0” number. Note:
although H0 number is familiarly referred to by the pronounciation “H” “oh”, the “oh” is not the letter O but the number 0 (zero) and the H should be a capital H, followed by the rest of your student’s number. If you are successful, you must be approved by a one of your child’s teachers or an administrator before you account will be active.