Lincoln History

Abraham Lincoln High School came into existence on Tuesday, August 27, 1940, accepting approximately 950 students under Lincoln’s first Principal, Clyde W. White. Its opening and dedication ceremony was held on September 22, 1940.

The result of a 1938 bond measure approved by San Francisco voters to address the increasing population in the Western San Francisco area, Abraham Lincoln High School was incorporated into a modern three-story building that was completed at a cost of over $750,000 in 1940 with just 50 classrooms, a cafeteria, a football field, and a library. A little known iact is that the North and South Gymnasiums, the auditorium, and the bungalow expansion were completed much later as separate projects.

Lincoln’s Time Capsule

Lincoln High School has a great deal of history behind it as an institution founded in the 1940s. The first yearbook we have is from 1942, which back then was called “The Roundup”. Our Time Capsule is a great way for you to see the last 70 years at Lincoln— chances are, even your parents weren’t born yet at the start of it all.

The Time Capsule shows selected photos from the yearbook of each time period. Through each 10-year time period, you’ll see Lincoln has changed a lot over those years. Enjoy!

The 1940s

Abraham Lincoln High School opened on August 27, 1940 with a school size of approximately 950, less than half of today. It cost $750,000 to construct; which is around $10 million in 2005 dollars. Lincoln’s CSF, JROTC, and various athletic themes such as soccer and track began during this time period. The telephone has just been recently adopted.

Did you know?

  • Lincoln’s cafeteria used to be run by students.
  • The Yearbook was called “The Roundup”.
  • Lincoln used to have a auto mechanic’s class.
  • The first ever Bell Game (which is the football game between the Lincoln Mustangs and Washington Eagles) was played.

The 1950s

Ten years later, we begin to see some changes such as students no longer being dressed in uniform. The film camera is becoming widely adopted, football becomes popular, and Lincoln’s gyms, Little Theater, and the band room were added during this time.

Did you know?

  • No girls played in any sports.
  • Lincoln nearly has double the sports teams today compared to this time.
  • Lincoln’s mascot is the mustang because this area used to have a horse farm.

The 1960s

More new changes to Lincoln, including the formation of the Lincs Service Society, with swimming and tennis becoming more popular at our school.

Did you know?

  • The largest ethnic group at Lincoln during the ’60s was Caucasian; Lincoln today is more predominately Asian-American and has larger numbers of African-Americans and Hispanic students.
  • The Lincoln Log used to come out bi-weekly.
  • Girls had a club for physical fitness called the Girls Athletic Association.

The 1970s

During this time period, you begin to see the seniors all wearing the same tux. It was also the start of the Radio Station KOOL as a class called “Radio-T.V”. It mostly played rock, soul, and jazz.

Did you know?

  • Lincoln had an annual chalk drawing contest.
  • Lincoln had a slope with wooden boards as a skiing ramp over water called “Mustang Mountain”.

The 1980s

During this age was the rise of computers, which were first used in the district to process school records, report cards, and class accounting. The Math club was established during these years.

Did you know?

  • Lincoln had only five computers during this time.
  • Lincoln had Song Girls, Letter Girls, and the Pep Squad.
  • There was the start of Crespi Studios, which was a filming class.

The 1990s

The Brotherhood/Sisterhood Assembly was started during this time period. Color photos were introduced in the yearbook. School Spirit become more important with students in more school events.

Did you know?

  • Brotherhood/Sisterhood Assembly started in 1992 as the “Unity Assembly.”
  • The Video Yearbook was started during this time period.
  • School started at 8:00 AM and ended at 2:43 for everyone.

The 2000s

The new millennium arrives, and is the time period which is most likely the most familiar to current students. This is the last time period so far and it is a fact that Lincoln High School will continue to change. What changes will the 2010s bring at Lincoln, from activities, sports, fashions, and more?

Did you know?

  • The School District implemented a ban on candy and junk food sales.
  • Internet becomes more widely used as an educational tool at Lincoln.
  • was created during this time period.